Saturday, 26 May 2012

Nerf Jolt EX-1 Review(Nerffan)

After waiting for a year, I can now finally review the ultimate pocket blaster, the Nerf Jolt-EX-1! The Jolt was released in 2011(late) and was a suprise to everyone in the US(released there first) because everyone was chatted up about the Light It Up series of the Lumitron and the Rayven. It is different to every other N-Strike blaster because it had a orange paintjob and had a cocking arm at the bottom. Like the Reflex, it comes with the blaster itself and 2 whistlers.If you own a multi-languaged one, it'll come with a folded sheet of instructions.(translated in other languages as well,of course) Mine was purchased today, and it was the retailer version costing $4 at Big W.(In Aus, but US guys up there would be at Kmart)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nerf Sharp Shot Usage Tips

Some usage tips for my new favourite sidearm.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nerf Nitefinder EX-3 Review(Nerffan)

Well, today I'm going to review the Nitefinder EX-3, a classic and high-modding potential nerf pistol. Being one of the best single-shots out there, it's a big competition between the fairly-new Jolt EX-1. Being a pre-N-Strike, released in 2003 with the Maverick, it's been modded over and over again and has received excellent reviews. Thanks to the direct-plunger system, it is praised for high ranges and accuracy in stock form, and even more praised when modded. Although P13c30fch33s3's review stated 2011 NFs hit 14m flat, many modders find past NF springs thicker and stronger. This information remains a mystery, but for now Whiteout and original NFs are the most powerful. (For unknown reasons - possibly stronger springs, better O-rings or better barrels)

Nerf Dart Tag Sharp Shot Review (Updated Model)

This is a review of the single shot of Nerf's 2011/2012 DT range - the Sharp Shot. It was the first of the DT range to be updated with a blue trigger and blue dart holders, because apparently the old one sucked - 20-25ft according to SG Nerf. Luckily, the updated version is far more awesome. The Sharp Shot comes with itself, 4 new DT/Whistler darts and a 2-part quick-release belt clip.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Nerf Vortex Praxis Review (Nerffan)

(Nerffan)Ok. Hi guys! Today I'm reviewing the Nerf Vortex Praxis,the cheapest vortex blaster to be mag-fed. It's a pump-action mag-fed blaster and it's appearance looks like, yes, a sci-fi blaster . At first,  I thought it looked awesome, but at the same time, it looked all wierd and new and it just came literally out of nowhere. But did the long-range discs and green blasters impress all the Nerf-fans? Some mixed reviews really, but I personally loved the idea of some new, wierd, long-range Nerf blasters.

So did Vortex impress ME? My thoughts after the jump break.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Enter in Second Command...

Hi everyone,

I'm Nerffan, and this my first post at this fantastic blog Outback Nerf! I come from NSW, Australia and I hardly, if ever, mod. I usually mod blasters like Jolts, because they are easy to mod, and I only mod if my blaster/s needs the modification or for better usability or aesthetics. I go to a few private wars, but so far I haven't organised/been to any large-scale Nerf event. EDIT 21/12/12: Ok, I've been to private one.

I usually spent my time on studying, reading books and looking at various Nerf blogs like Outback Nerf itself, or playing with my blasters. My Nerf collection isn't gigantic compared to P13c30fch33s3's but it's good as it is, and I'm grateful that I have at least an actual collection.

I'll be posting reviews for you guys, some occasional news posts, and maybe some rants in the future. I'm not a fan off showing myself in videos, so please don't go asking to see my face in videos like everyone does with Lerd Dercernerical.

Nerffan Out.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Nerf SSPC Update

Small update on my SSPC.
As you can see, the pump handle has had a 15mm PVC 90 degree elbow glued on as a handle. It makes pumping a lot easier, especially when attached to a blaster like a Rayven. The belt clip is secured to the front of the Rayven, so the SSPC doesn't fall off unless pulled really hard.
This SSPC doesn't have the pump plugged (this SS was fine), so I can pump as much as I want and not destroy the SSPC. The problem with tank expanded SSPBs is the tank requires rapid pumping to seal. Luckily, I only need to pump 3 times quickly to seal the tank, then I can pump slowly and still fill the tank with high pressure.
Ranges with the 3-shot shotgun attachment gets 12m+ per dart at approx 15 pumps.
Ranges with a single barrel should be at least 30m.