Monday, 18 September 2017

Quick Mod: NerfTurf 10kg Thermal Hunter Spring

As mentioned in my previous game report, a 5.5kg Elite Upgrade Spring was not enough to push the Thermal Hunter to an acceptable muzzle velocity range (that spring has since been moved to my Tri-Strike). For a stronger main spring, I looked to NerfTurf, an Australian based spring seller. I ordered their 10kg Thermal Hunter spring.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Quick Mod: Titan Hyperions in a Stryfe

Flywheel motors are moving almost entirely towards 3S, which is a little unfortunate for me as much of my gear is set up for 2S. This includes my Stryfe, which was previously running on Blade 180s/-3240s. I was finding their torque to be just a little low, so wanted to pick up a 2S flywheel motor with more torque that wasn't the expensive and now discontinued XP180. The next best 2S flywheel motor on the market is the Titan Hyperion, so I picked up a pair of those.

Friday, 8 September 2017

MHvZ Game Report 2/9/17

Today at MHvZ we introduced a new zombie, the Mega zombie, and spent much of the day play-testing it.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Review: Buzz Bee Eradicator (15m) [Tactical Storm]

The Buzz Bee Eradicator is a recolouring of the new and primarily blue Tactical Storm, a modular mag fed blaster very similar to the Champion/Ultra Tek 8. As part of Buzz Bee's new releases, it includes some of Buzz Bee's new darts, in this case some Long Distance darts. Given how good so many of Buzz Bee's recent mag fed blasters have been, I was rather excited to try this one out.

Disclaimer: This blaster was sent to me for review by Buzz Bee Toys. Despite their contribution, I will do my best to ensure that this review remains as objective and unbiased as possible.